Solar Battery Storage

Utilise your self-generated solar energy through cutting-edge battery technologies, granting continuous access to eco-friendly electricity. This is especially valuable during sunless periods and power outages.

BVR Energy presents an extensive lineup of battery storage solutions, catering to diverse needs whether it’s backup during blackouts, storing surplus energy, or enhancing off-grid living. Our offerings empower Australian households and businesses to optimise their solar technology investment. 

Benefits of using Solar Battery System

  • Power Backup: Power outages are both inconvenient and disruptive, particularly for homes and businesses. Grid-interactive solar battery systems offer dependable backup power, ensuring homes and businesses remain operational, supported by the best solar panels in Australia.
  • Maximising Savings with Solar Battery Systems: Utility companies apply varied rates throughout the day. A solar battery system lets you store self-generated energy during off-peak hours, cost-effectively utilising it during high-cost periods, ensuring significant savings.
  • Battery Storage for Off-Grid Reliability: As off-grid systems function autonomously, battery storage is vital for uninterrupted electricity, regardless of nighttime, cloudy weather, or power outages, for homes and businesses.

Enhance Your Solar Energy System with Battery Installation

1. Save Excess Energy for Future Use

Solar batteries store energy from your panels for later use, ensuring power availability during nighttime and sunless periods, maximising your solar energy system's benefits.

2. Achieve Energy Self-Sufficiency

With a solar battery, independence from the grid is attained. Energy self-sufficiency avoids rising bills and eliminates power cuts, ensuring uninterrupted electricity.

3. Seamless Return on Investment

At BVR Energy, enjoy effortless returns on your solar battery investment. Benefit from rebates, competitive prices, lower energy bills, and increased property value.

Tailored Solar Battery Storage Solutions Featuring Top Industry Products

At BVR Energy, we’ve designed and installed residential and commercial solar systems for years, including solar battery units. Our experts assess if battery storage is needed, tailor the system to your needs, and employ top-quality products from trusted manufacturers.

Our Products

solar battery storage
Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall is the ideal home energy solution, providing 13.5 kWh of energy storage with remarkable efficiency and a 10-year warranty. It seamlessly takes over during power outages, keeping your lights on and devices charged without the hassle of generators. You can pair it with solar panels to recharge using sunlight, and its sleek, compact design offers flexible indoor or outdoor installation options, making it a perfect fit for any home.

solar battery storage

Explore the SonnenBatterie Evo, an AC-coupled solar battery system suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. As accredited installers, we provide a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. This robust unit boasts a 10kWh capacity and IP56 outdoor rating, making it an excellent choice to meet your energy needs.

solar battery storage

Sungrow Battery offers high-performance with up to 30A continuous current and 100% usable energy. Safety is ensured through lithium iron phosphate technology and multi-stage protection. Its flexibility allows for easy expansion, supporting 3-8 modules per unit and up to 4 units in parallel, covering a 9–100 kWh capacity range. Installation is a breeze with its compact, lightweight design and plug-and-play setup.

solar battery storage

As accredited installers, we offer the GoodWe Lynx Home U Series, a low voltage lithium battery designed for residential use. With a focus on safety and performance, this LFP battery offers up to 100% usable energy. You can expand its capacity during its lifetime, and its plug-and-play design simplifies installation. Trust in our commitment to providing a superior user experience and extensive safety certifications.

solar battery storage

We proudly present the SolarEdge Home Battery 400V, one of the safest residential batteries with UL9540A fire safety certification. As accredited installers, we guarantee secure indoor installations. With up to 94.5% round-trip efficiency and the ability to stack up to 3 batteries per inverter, you can rely on uninterrupted power.

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