Your Guide to Savings: Solar VIC Rebate Program for Homes 2024

Solar panel (PV) rebates remaining this release:

Are you a Victorian homeowner? Good news! The Solar Homes Program with $1,400 Rebate (plus Interest-Free Loans) is here to make solar power accessible and affordable for you.

Enjoy a minimum of 10% discount on your proposed solar quote when you choose us.

The current rebate value is set to decrease in less than a month leading to higher out-of-pockets costs for you. Don't miss this limited-time offer!


How It Works

Eligibility Check
Eligibility Check
Retailer Assistance
Retailer Assistance
Smooth Deductions
Smooth Deductions
Simple Payment
Simple Payment

  • 1. Eligibility Check: Determine your eligibility through the user-friendly Solar Victoria Portal.
  • 2. Retailer Assistance: As your authorized solar retailer, we take the responsibility claiming the rebate on your behalf.
  • 3. Smooth Deductions: The rebate amount is subtracted from the total system and installation costs.
  • 4. Simple Payment: You cover any remaining balance directly to your solar retailer post-installation.

Extra Perks

New and existing solar PV customers can apply for a hot water rebate and interest-free solar battery loan, boosting your savings even more.

  • Solar Hot Water Rebate: Existing property owners can complement their solar PV system with a rebate for solar hot water or heat pump hot water systems.
  • Interest-Free Loan Option: Further slash costs by applying for an interest-free loan, aligning with the rebate amount (up to $1,400). If your system costs under $2,800, enjoy no upfront expenses.

Am I Eligible?

As a Victorian householder, check these boxes:

  • 1. Owner-occupier of an existing property or a home under construction.
  • 2. Combined household taxable income under $210,000 per year.
  • 3. Property valued at under $3 million or a home under construction expected to value under $3 million at completion.
  • 4. No prior solar panel (PV) rebate under the Solar Homes Program for your property.
  • 5. No solar panel (PV) system installed at the property in the last ten years.

Building Underway? No Worries!

If your dream home is under construction, you can still snag the solar PV rebate and interest-free loan. Coordinate with your builder, get their consent, and start saving on installation costs.

*If you are participating in the Premium Feed-in Tariff scheme you should consider whether you will be better off if you replace your existing system before the scheme ends in November 2024.

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How to Apply

Connect with an us, get a quote, and start your application with Solar Victoria. Provide necessary documents like proof of income and Council Rates Notice, and let us handle the rest. The rebate amount gets deducted from your total installation cost!

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Solar Homes customers who make the most of their solar energy save over $1,000 annually. Learn about efficient energy consumption and how solar power is an intelligent investment for your home.

Got questions?

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This page is a summary. For detailed and updated information, please refer to the Solar Victoria website: https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-panel-rebate.


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