Solar Rebates in Victoria: Government Program 2024
Solar Panels in Victoria: Government Rebate Program

BVR Energy leads the way in spearheading in a solar revolution in Victoria, building on the federal solar incentives available to eligible homeowners across Australia. By extending these benefits to Victoria, BVR Energy empowers residents with substantial savings on solar costs. The synergy between federal incentives and the 2019 Victorian Government’s Solar Rebate initiative not only makes solar panels in Victoria more affordable but also emphasises BVR Energy's commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions.

Regarding the Rebate

The Solar Homes Program helps people in Victoria save money on solar panels. If you have a home or are building one, you can get up to $1,400 off for solar panels installations. Even if you move, you can still apply for this discount. If your solar panel system is old, over ten years, you can also replace it with a new one.

To make it even easier, you can get a loan for the same amount as your discount, and you don't have to pay any interest. You just need to pay back the loan over four years, or you can pay it all at once if you want.

1. Regarding the Rebate
2. Eligibility Conditions for Solar Rebates in Victoria
3. Accessing More Solar Benefits When You Move Homes
4. To Claim the Victoria Solar Rebate, Follow these Steps
4.1 Request a Solar Quote
4.2 Submit Quote for Assessment
4.3 Verification of Details
4.4 Receive Eligibility Number and QR Code
4.5 Share Information with Solar Provider
4.6 Subsidy Claim by Solar Provider
4.7 Payment of Remaining Balance
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Conclusion

Eligibility Conditions for Solar Rebates in Victoria

If you live in Victoria and want a rebate for installing solar panels through the Solar Homes Program, you need to meet certain conditions:

  • You must own and live in an existing property or own a home under construction where the solar panels will be installed.
  • The total taxable income of all owners should be less than $210,000 per year.
  • The property's value should be under $3 million, or for a home under construction, it should be valued under $3 million upon completion.
  • The property shouldn't have received a solar panel rebate before under the Solar Homes Program.
  • The property shouldn't have had a solar panel system installed in the last ten years.
  • If you're part of the Premium Feed-in Tariff scheme, consider if replacing your system before the scheme ends in November 2024 would be beneficial.

BVR Energy's dedication to empowering Victoria with solar savings underscores the company's role in making sustainable energy solutions not only accessible but financially feasible for homeowners in the region.

Source: Solar panel (PV) rebate

Accessing More Solar Benefits When You Move Homes

If you had solar panels in your old house and now live somewhere else, Solar Victoria is happy to help you. You can get cool benefits for your new house, like a rebate (that's like a discount) and a loan. If you meet the rules, you might even get a rebate for a hot water system and a loan for a battery.
These benefits are below:

Government Incentives
Moving House Advantage

If you had solar panels at your old home and moved, Solar Victoria makes it easy for you.

Government Incentives
Multiple Incentives

You can apply for many benefits at your new place, like a solar panel rebate and loan, hot water rebate, and battery loan.

Government Incentives
Eligibility Criteria

Make sure you qualify by meeting certain conditions to enjoy these advantages.

Government Incentives
Primary Residence Requirement

To apply, you must be living in this new house as your main home.

Just remember, you have to actually live in this new house to get all these cool benefits!

To Claim the Victoria Solar Rebate, Follow these Steps

1. Request a Solar Quote: Initiate the process by obtaining a comprehensive solar quote from a reputable provider. This quote will outline the details of the solar PV system tailored to your needs.

2. Submit Quote for Assessment: Take the obtained solar quote and upload it onto the Solar Panels Victoria Portal . This step is crucial for the initiation of the eligibility assessment process.

3. Verification of Details: Confirm your eligibility by providing necessary documentation, including proof of income and your council rates notice. This ensures that the rebate is directed towards eligible homeowners in Victoria.

4. Receive Eligibility Number and QR Code: Upon successful assessment and confirmation of eligibility, you will be assigned a unique eligibility number and a QR code. These serve as essential identifiers throughout the rebate claiming process.

5. Share Information with Solar Provider: Provide both the eligibility number and QR code to your chosen solar provider. This step ensures a streamlined process for the installation of the solar PV system, as it enables the provider to proceed with the necessary paperwork.

6. Subsidy Claim by Solar Provider: Your solar provider, armed with the provided eligibility information, will then proceed to claim the subsidy on your behalf. This action results in a reduction of the overall cost of the solar PV system.

7. Payment of Remaining Balance: After the successful installation of the solar PV system, you will be required to settle the outstanding balance directly with your solar provider. This marks the final step in the process, ensuring a smooth and transparent financial transaction.

Remember, the Victorian rebate is exclusive to properties without an existing solar PV system, while federal rebates remain available in all scenarios if eligibility criteria are met.

Until June 30, 2024, eligible customers can also receive a maximum benefit of $2950 for solar battery purchase and installation from authorised retailers. Application deadline is June 30, 2024, with battery installation within 120 days of rebate approval. Note that interest-free loans are not applicable to solar battery rebates.

Applicants can choose to install solar PV systems and batteries simultaneously, but they can only claim one Solar Victoria rebate—either for the PV system or the solar battery, not both.

Switch to sustainable energy today with our Solar Panels in Victoria!

Take advantage of the Government Rebate Program to power your home with clean, renewable energy. Act now and enjoy substantial savings while contributing to a greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I initiate the process of claiming the Victoria Solar Rebate?
Start by obtaining a solar quote from a provider and uploading it to the Solar Panels Victoria Portal for eligibility assessment.

2. What documents are required to confirm my eligibility for the solar rebate?
You need to provide proof of income.

3. What happens after my eligibility is confirmed?
Upon confirmation, you will receive a unique eligibility number and QR code, which you'll share with your solar provider for the installation process.

4. Can I claim the rebate if I already have a solar PV system on my property?
The Victorian rebate is exclusive to properties without an existing solar PV system. However, federal rebates may still be applicable in various scenarios.

5. How does the subsidy claiming process work after providing my eligibility information?
Your solar provider will claim the subsidy on your behalf, resulting in a reduced total cost of the solar PV system.


Utilising the sun's power through solar panels in Victoria has become more accessible, thanks to the combined efforts of federal and state initiatives. The streamlined process of claiming the Victoria Solar Rebate, coupled with substantial financial incentives, empowers homeowners to make eco-friendly choices while significantly reducing the overall cost of installing solar panels. Embracing solar energy not only fosters sustainability but also propels Victoria towards a greener and more energy-efficient future.

[Disclaimer: The blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice. For accurate and up-to-date information on renewable energy, refer to reputable sources and consult with experts in the field.]

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