$100M Initiative for Affordable Large-Scale Solar Panels
$100M Initiative to Slash the Cost of Large-Scale Solar Panels


The Federal Government of Australia is investing up to $100 million in a groundbreaking global industry challenge aimed at significantly reducing large-scale solar costs. This ambitious initiative, called the Solar ScaleUp Challenge, is being spearheaded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The primary goal is to position Australia as a global leader in renewable energy by fostering innovation in the development, construction, and operation of large-scale solar farms.

The Solar Scale Up Challenge

The Solar ScaleUp Challenge aims to speed up the adoption and advancement of solar technology within Australia's borders.

ARENA is encouraging innovators, customers, financiers, and professionals involved in solar construction, operation, and maintenance to submit their ideas and proposed projects as part of this initiative.

Over an eight-week period, submissions can be made through an online platform, where shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to gain access to the $100 million funding pool to further explore and develop their concepts.

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Vision and Goals

  • ARENA's vision is to drive down the installed cost of solar projects to just 30 cents per watt and the cost of solar electricity to below $20 per megawatt hour by 2030.
  • This vision aligns with the broader objective of making solar energy more affordable and accessible, thereby promoting sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions.
  • The challenge is part of a broader strategy to harness Australia's potential as a renewable energy superpower.
  • By encouraging innovative solutions and supporting the development of cutting-edge solar technologies, ARENA aims to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.
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Importance of Ultra-Low-Cost Solar

Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen emphasised the critical role of ultra-low-cost solar in delivering cheaper, cleaner energy for Australia. He highlighted that modern solar panels, an Australian invention developed at the University of New South Wales, exemplify the country's innovative spirit and technological prowess.

Bowen noted the global shift towards renewable energy, stating, "The world added 445 gigawatts of solar last year, more than all other power sources combined, because the world is rapidly moving to renewable energy, the cheapest form of energy."

Collaboration and Innovation

ARENA is partnering with Greenhouse, an organisation known for running successful global innovation challenges like the NearZero Steel Challenge, to administer the Solar ScaleUp Challenge.

This partnership aims to leverage Greenhouse's expertise in fostering innovation and facilitating the development of scalable solutions.

Minister Bowen encouraged all organisations that support solar deployment to participate in the challenge.

By uniting diverse teams with distinct perspectives and expertise, the challenge aims to innovate and advance affordable, efficient solar energy solutions.

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The Road to Affordable Solar

The Solar ScaleUp Challenge represents a significant step towards reducing the cost of large-scale solar projects in Australia. By supporting innovative ideas and projects, the challenge aims to address several key areas:

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  • Innovative Development: Encouraging new technologies to reduce the overall cost of solar panels projects.
  • Efficient Construction: Promoting techniques that minimise costs and improve efficiency in solar farm construction.
  • Optimised Operations: Enhancing efficiency to maximise energy production and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Affordable Solar: The challenge aims to significantly lower the cost of large-scale solar projects in Australia.

Submitting Proposals

Participants interested in the Solar ScaleUp Challenge can submit their proposals through ARENA's online platform. The submission process is designed to be straightforward and accessible, ensuring that a wide range of ideas and projects can be considered.

Proposals should focus on innovative solutions that can significantly reduce the cost of large-scale solar projects while maintaining or improving efficiency and sustainability.

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the Solar ScaleUp Challenge offers several benefits for organisations and individuals:

Access to Funding
Access to Funding

Shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to access the $100 million funding pool, providing crucial financial support for developing and scaling their projects.

Collaboration Opportunities
Collaboration Opportunities

The challenge encourages collaboration between different stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment that can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Visibility and Recognition
Visibility and Recognition

Successful participants will gain visibility and recognition within the industry, highlighting their contributions to the advancement of solar technology.

Impact on Sustainability
Impact on Sustainability

By contributing to the development of more affordable and efficient solar solutions, participants can play a vital role in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

The Role of Solar Energy in Australia's Future

Australia's commitment to renewable energy is evident in its ambitious goals and significant investments in solar technology. Solar energy is a key component of the country's strategy to transition to a more sustainable energy system. By reducing the cost of large-scale solar projects, Australia can increase the adoption of solar energy, reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

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Economic and Environmental Impact

The Solar ScaleUp Challenge is expected to have a profound economic and environmental impact. By making solar energy more affordable, the challenge will drive the growth of the renewable energy sector, creating jobs and stimulating economic activity. Additionally, the widespread adoption of solar energy will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, helping Australia meet its climate goals.


The Federal Government's $100 million investment in the Solar ScaleUp Challenge underscores Australia's dedication to global renewable energy leadership. By promoting innovation and fostering cost-effective solar solutions, the initiative aims to enhance accessibility and affordability of solar energy nationwide, driving Australia's renewable progress.

Whether you are an established organisation or an individual with a groundbreaking idea, the Solar ScaleUp Challenge offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of solar energy in Australia. Embrace the challenge, submit your proposals, and be part of Australia's journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Source: https://minister.dcceew.gov.au/

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