How to Pick the Best Installer for Commercial Solar System

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Solar Panel Installer

Australia aims to boost the adoption of green energy in the region, and it is essential for everyone to take additional measures collectively to contribute to achieving this objective, benefiting us all.

10 Essential Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Solar Installer

When transitioning to solar energy for your business, selecting the right commercial solar panel installations company in Australia is crucial. To make an informed decision, consider several key factors, including:

1. Select an installer with experience

Choose experienced installers of commercial solar panels. Selecting a skilled installation lowers the possibility of mistakes, helping the process go more smoothly and justifying your costs.

Company longevity doesn't necessarily equate to experience. Focus on evaluating the credentials of employees, such as the presence of level 2 electricians, valid licenses, and dedicated service teams.

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2. Get value for your money

While price influences panel selection and hiring decisions, it should not be the only factor considered when hiring a commercial solar panel installer.

While it may be tempting to cut costs, don't allow it to compromise the caliber of the work. Some companies have service fees that are somewhat more expensive. Make sure the services you select are appropriate for the cost.

3. Buy rather than rent

While renting solar panels rather than buying them could seem like a more economical option at first, there may be longer-term costs associated with this decision.

Consider buying solar panels rather than paying recurring rental payments. Ownership is a prudent financial move since, despite the larger initial cost, it eventually pays for itself.

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4. Select a licensed installer

Ensure the company you're considering has the necessary license to sell and install solar units, and for newer companies, a pending license may suffice.

Due to the delicate nature of solar panels, a lack of a license could be a sign of insufficient installation expertise. Choosing a licensed company lowers the chance of defective or counterfeit goods and guarantees credibility.

5. Note any violations listed against your potential installer

Companies must adhere to government regulations as solar panel installation involves electrical work, and non-compliance can result in safety issues, injuries, or fatalities.

Check for any violations committed by the commercial installer. While minor ones can be overlooked at your discretion, consistently major violations should be a red flag to avoid the company.

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Government Regulations
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Safety Concerns
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Violation Check
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Red Flags

  • Government Regulations: Companies must follow government regulations for solar panel installation, given its electrical nature.
  • Safety Concerns: Non-compliance can lead to safety issues, injuries, or fatalities.
  • Violation Check: Verify any violations by the installer.
  • Red Flags: Consistent major violations should be a warning to avoid the company.

6. Examine the solar installation's site plan

Your potential solar panel installer will devise a site design for the installation. Assess its practicality for your needs, suggest enhancements for efficiency, and if dissatisfaction persists despite changes, consider finding another contractor to complete the project.

7. Ask about all relevant warranties

When opting for solar power installations, inquire about warranties for goods and services. Ensure coverage to address potential issues at your workplace. Avoid installers without warranties, as it implies a lack of liability for any errors.

8. Check the project deadline

Choose an installer who can complete the solar panel installation promptly to minimise business disruption. Opt for a contractor that demonstrates efficiency, indicating both skill and professionalism.

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9. Does the business offer maintenance assistance?

Avoid solar panel contractors that only assist with installation and provide no post-installation support. Opt for contractors offering maintenance assistance after the installation.

10. Online reviews for commercial solar installers can help

Examining online reviews is an effective method for assessing a company. Ensure the solar installer has a positive online reputation, but don't solely rely on reviews—consider other factors mentioned in this article as well.

Choose the right Contractor for your Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Australia is actively promoting solar adoption by offering rebates on installation costs. Ensure your business gets top-quality units to reap long-term benefits and stay ahead in the solar trend.

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Commercial Solar Installation Journey

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[Disclaimer: The blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice. For accurate and up-to-date information on renewable energy, refer to reputable sources and consult with experts in the field.]

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